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eBay Find of the Day: 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth
...Esoteric Merkurs are a dime-a-dozen on eBay, with XR4Ti and Scorpios popping up in varying states of tune on the online auction site with some regularity. But the car seen above appears to be something altogether different - a 1989 Ford Sierra Cosworth. Utilizing the same chassis and sheetmetal but...

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Sierra HistoryThe Ford Sierra was a large family car built by Ford Motor Company in Europe between 1982 and 1993. Released on October 13th, 1982 for the 1983 model year, it replaced the Ford Cortina/Taunus, and was itself replaced by the Mondeo. (In New Zealand and South Africa, it was initially replaced by the Telstar). Its radical and polarizing aerodynamic styling was ahead of its time and was a lasting influence, but more conservative buyers found it unappealing.

Possibly for this reason, and the early lack of a saloon variant, it never quite achieved the ubiquity of the Cortina or the Taunus, although sales were still strong; a total of 2,700,500 Sierras were made, mainly manufactured in Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, although Sierras were also assembled in Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa, and New Zeland.

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