how to level a sloped concrete floor

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As part of a remodel, client wants pergo on his back bedroom floor. The room originally was a sloped concrete patio which was later enclosed.

Severe Out Of Level Concrete Floor - Flooring - Contractor Talk

How can I build up a smooth level concrete floor from 2 1/2 inches to 0? They must have run short of concrete on the pour and sloped the 

installing wood sub-floor over sloped concrete garage floor

installing wood sub-floor over sloped concrete garage floor concrete floor so that the room has a level floor upon which to install some type of 

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Full episode: This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to resurface an uneven 

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Sloped rough concrete floor to flat level room. « on: December 16, 2016, 07:41:02 PM . When we purchased our house it came with a porch fully turned into a 

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There are a number of ways to level a concrete floor, but not all are accomplished in the same manner or yield similar results. Read on to learn which approach 

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Though concrete floors are durable, your floor may develop problems over time. It may not be quite level or may have dips in the surface, which can make it 

What do I level a 2" slope in my concrete basement floor? - Home

The trouble I am having is that it is sloped to a floor drain. I was told that DRIcore and shims would work but the drain is a 2" slope down from 

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Last week I made a concrete subfloor leveling in the living room which connected with a long hallway. Customer already installed tile in the 

How to Level a Sloping Concrete Slab Hunker

Regular wear and tear, severe fluctuating weather conditions and improperly preparing the ground before a concrete pour can result in a sloping concrete slab.

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We need to pour a level concrete slab to accommodate our new hot tub. This slab will be poured on top of an existing sloped for drainage  

Mike Holmes: Self-levelling concrete is a great option to fix a floor

Self-levelling cement can be a good alternative if it doesn't make sense to level out the flooring and fix its structure, either because of budget 

flooring - How do I level a sloping floor that has been tiled

Now, leveling out the floor may have other benefits, of course. There is no reason your tile is any worse of a binding agent than concrete.

How to Level a Floor With Sleepers eHow

During a remodel or a garage conversion, it's standard practice to level a sloping floor before installing new floor covering. Sleepers are individually cut furring 

Anyone have experience turning a sloping garage floor into a flat

I figure I can build a level platform that starts at the highest dimension and slopes down to zero, OR Pour cement/thin-set on the garage floor, 

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Fixing a sloping concrete floor. We moved into a house How would i go about rectifying the slope so the whole kitchen diner is level? Is this a 

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Garage floor leveling methods range from easy fixes such as leveling compound to costlier yet effective methods like slab jacking.

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If you are trying to put down a floating floor but are have issue where the subfloor is not even then self leveling concrete can be a life saver

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I'm starting to look at houses, and a number of them have bedrooms or offices on the ground level with very uneven floors, generally sloping 

Pour an overlay concrete floor over a sloped garage floor.

Q. How to best pour a level concrete floor over the existing sloped concrete floor for a garage conversion into living space. The thickness of the new.