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Former Marine jumps fence at White House, says birds and

A 29-year-old Marine veteran who hopped over a concrete barrier and fence in front of the White House on Monday told authorities he was on a mission from God to attack President Donald Trump and

Man who jumped White House fence arrested by US secret

The 26-year-old climbed the fence and got on to the south grounds while Donald Trump was at the White House late Friday night

Secret Service arrests another White House fence climber

A man was arrested on Sunday for attempting to climb the White House fence using a temporary bicycle rack. At 2:15 p.m., Secret Service officers arrested a man who was trying to hoist himself up

Man climbs White House fence, gets arrested just inside

A man climbed over the White House fence and raced across the lawn and through the north portico doors Friday night, apparently only minutes after President Obama went out the south entrance on

Wanted at the White House: A Fence That Says Halt With

Intended to slow any climber, the rods unexpectedly served as handholds that allowed the agent to hoist himself over the fence, a variation of the cast iron barricade at the White House.

Man Climbs Over White House Security Barrier

A man climbed over a security barrier at the White House complex Monday, according to the U.S. Secret Service. ran across the street and started climbing the fence in front of the White House

California man arrested after climbing White House fence

A California man calling himself a "friend" of the First Family was arrested after successfully scaling the White House fence while President Trump was inside late Friday, officials said. Jonathan

White House Lockdown: Man Climbs Security Barrier, Drops

White House On Lockdown For Barrier-Climber - White House, US - The U.S. Secret Service said the White House's north fence line and E Street are closed to pedestrians and vehicles.

White House Fence Jumper Snagged by Her Own Shoelaces

The U.S. Secret Service says a woman who tried to climb over the White House fence was found dangling from it by her shoelaces.

History of the White House Fence - White House Historical

A removable anti-climb feature consisting of sharp metal points will be installed on the top of the White House fence to deter and inhibit any attempts by individuals to climb over the fence. This is a temporary measure that will be in place until a long-term solution is implemented.

List of White House security breaches - Wikipedia

Fence. Currently, a fence surrounds the White House, but it did not always exist. Though at various points since the time of Thomas Jefferson, various fences and gates were added to shape or constrain public access, greater public access to the White House grounds than was common in comparable European institutions was possible with some restrictions up until World War II.

Latest White House intruder arrested after climbing fence

An intruder carrying a suspicious package was arrested late Sunday after climbing the White House fence.

Raw Video: White House Fence Jumper - YouTube

An unidentified man was in Secret Service custody Tuesday night after he climbed over the White House fence. The man had a backpack that was being examined f

Person arrested after scaling White House fence - USA TODAY

A person was arrested after climbing over a fence at the White House on Sunday, the Secret Service said.

White House Fence Jumper Caught by Secret Service

Authorities say the woman's shoelaces got entangled at the top of the fence and she was suspended inside the fence. The U.S. Secret Service says a woman who tried to climb over the White House

Woman arrested for climbing the White House fence Daily

Secret Service arrest woman, 38, for trying to climb the White House fence for the third time in just six days Marci Anderson Wahl was arrested for the third time this week on Sunday

Secret Service Arrested Latest White House Fence Jumper 3

A woman arrested early Sunday while attempting to scale a fence outside the White House had been arrested two previous times that week, a spokesperson for the Washington Metropolitan Police