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Gypsum Unique Properties in Buildings. Gypsum is fire protective Gypsum is non-combustible and able to delay a fire’s spread up to 4 hours. Gypsum acts, in that case, as a fire barrier and thus reduces home or business fire damage. gypsum fibreboards and plaster blocks with a degree of hardness equivalent to a thick wall heavy masonry

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Gyprocksupreg Noise Solutions for Homes If you are building or extending a home or planning a renovation, think carefully about noise control. Superchek has excellent acoustic insulation properties, higher levels of impact and scuff resistance and superior environmental credentials.


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This room that performs. Swiss artist Zimoun creates acoustic art installations using little more than DC motors, cotton balls and cardboard boxes.

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sound absorption properties of walls If you’re remodeling a home or office, or building from scratch, using the right materials and designs to keep out noise is a huge consideration. So is your budget.

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The acoustical properties of Acoustement Plaster 40 ceilings improve the acoustic quality of a space. Studies have shown that building occupants are more satisfied and productive in optimal acoustic environments.

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USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is an exclusive, sound-rated interior spray-applied texture finish for ceilings and advantages of a dramatic texture finish with acoustical absorption. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is ideal for new construction, as well as for repair and remodeling projects. application properties. 7. Minimum thickness

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Acoustical Plaster Finish provides quiet elegance with enhanced acoustical properties to control interior sound levels for both work or living areas. Ideal for new constructions or remodeling projects, the finish is a setting-type plaster product applied using standard plaster spray application techniques.

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I have run into some older homes that use plaster and wire mesh in the walls and the wireless signal would not even reach the next room. 3/31/06 How does the wireless network thingy work

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Acoustic performance Good sound insulation by walls and floors is easily achieved using the inherent mass and damping qualities of concrete. The need for additional finishes is minimal, thereby reducing capital and ongoing maintenance costs.

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Acoustic plaster is plaster which contains fibres or aggregate so that it absorbs sound. Such plaster is applied in thicknesses of up to 1.5 inches. As compared with other sound insulation, it is easy to apply and is fireproof but it can be more fragile, being affected by physical stress and humidity.

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Acoustic Plasterboard is an acoustic alternative to standard plasterboard. The density of the boards is higher than that of standard plasterboard. 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard can be used to reduce noise transmission through walls and ceilings.