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Provided the concrete slab is strong enough to bear the weight of the completed deck, I'd pour my own piers on top of the slab. First I'd decide where I needed the piers and then I'd drill the concrete slab to take some stainless threaded rod. F

How to Build Wood Steps on a Deck Today's Homeowner

Watch this video for tips and useful information on how to build steps and stairs for your deck from pressure treated wood. Today's Homeowner Concrete; Staining and Painting; More Lawn and Garden. Lawn Care; In pictures they show the rise and runs however it appears the top step serves as the first step and the drop down is the rise to

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Decks are popular backyard features, but they also make for dramatic front entries. Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some time by building a wood deck over and around them. A

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Can you send me somewhere that shows step by step on how to build a deck over concrete patio with sleepers? Not fully grasping the idea. is to build a floating deck about level with the top of the bottom concrete step. This would put the level of the deck about 3 inches above concrete patio level. I have determined that PT 2 x6 framing , 16

How To Build a Single-Level Raised Deck at The Seven Trust

How to Build a Raised Deck. Weekend. The remaining length of visible ledger will support the landing at the top end of the stairs. Mix 32 60-pound bags of concrete in a portable power mixer for this step. Make one 12-inch diameter footing for a 6 x 6-inch post to support the upper landing.

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Extreme How-To Blog; Tool Reviews; About Us; Contact Us; Subscription Services; and we came up with a solution that can be a benefit to many who would love to have a deck in place of their concrete patio slab. Heres how: subtract the thickness of the decking from the distance between the top of the slab and the bottom of the patio

How to Lay Deck Flooring on a Concrete Patio

Ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and expensive task, On top of the grids, you place the clip-in accessories according to the instructions. 6 Steps to the Perfect Limewashed Brick Backsplash. Article Posted By: Courtney Clymer.

How to install Seven Trust decking over a concrete patio

Need to replace a concrete patio? Install a deck But first, install a sleeper system. Learn what it is, why you need it, and how to install it

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How to Build a Wood Deck Over a Concrete Patio By Matt Brown. SAVE; An old, cracked, partially sunken concrete patio can be an eyesore if not a safety hazard. Run flashing tape along the top of the runners. Step 6 Install the first deck board. If a single board will not span the width of the patio, cut it with a circular saw so that its end

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Because the top step will be attached to the deck, you won't need a riser. Instead, create a return by drawing a straight line along the mark you made from the corner of the board Image 3 . For the last stair, create another return Image 4 . This will be used to fasten the stairs to the concrete pad. Place the board between the stringers

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My client has asked me to build a timber deck for them, when I met up with them I suggested that it was better for me to pour the concrete slab and put the decking on top. The reason for this is when you build a deck you should have a minimum clearence of 300mm or 1f from the lowest part of the deck

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Replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of two ways: completely demolish the concrete porch and build a 100% wooden one in its place, or use the concrete as a base and just add wood on top of it.